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PYM Consultancy

Continuing Where Others Stop

Welcome to PYM Consultancy, a Strategy Consulting Firm that helps businesses like yours successfully execute projects and achieve unique goals. Our expert professionals will partner with your business and project teams to deliver tailor-made practical solutions, fast.


With a vast experience of our experts in various industries such as Oil & Gas, Infrastructure (incl. Rolling Stock), ICT (incl. Data Centers), Pharma, Finance (incl. project financing) and Consumer Goods - we are confident that PYM Consultancy is the right Strategy Consulting Firm for you to help you achieve your goals and create added value to your stakeholders.

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Executive Services

What sets PYM Consultancy aside from other firms is the fact that we do not only provide our clients with advice on how to achieve their goals. We assist our clients in every step of the way, until they have achieved their goal, and where needed we supplement our client's team with our professionals to execute the work on their behalf. 

At PYM Consultancy we have helped clients, from start-ups to Fortune 500 firms and government owned companies, achieve success with minimum disruption to their business and maximum ROI. A few examples of our Executive Services are:

  • Mediation preparation & strategy

  • Mediation management (incl. representation, and negotiation on behalf, of the client) 

  • Arbitration (incl. supporting client's legal counsel assessing client's rate of success & strategy)

  • Preparation of tendering strategy and documentation (incl. European Public/Government Tenders)

  • Commercial & Legal negotiations of Contracts (incl. LSTK, G-max, Cost Reimbursable, ICT, FEED, EPC, Infra & Rolling Stock, Services Contracts) up to a value of >$5 billion 

  • Claim & Backcharges Management

  • Change Orders Management (incl. dispute settlements) 

  • Proposal Management and negotiations (on behalf of both bidder and owner)

  • Commercial and Business Management (incl. management of supply chain, project controls and stakeholders relations)

Strategic Planning

Time is money and no investment or project can be successful without a sound, well thought through planning. Our senior planning managers have, among other areas, vast experience in:

  • EPC planning during all phases of the project

  • Translating business/project's strategy into a schedule for Executive Reports and FIDs

  • Leading and carrying out Schedule Risk Analysis

  • Creating of winning schedule for proposals based on expert evaluation of ITB requirements 

Management Consulting

Whether your company's Executive Management needs support in defining a winning strategy, evaluating & benchmarking the company's / project's performance, or additional expert resources to ensure a positive outcome on an ongoing investment, our professionals are ready and capable to meet your needs and support your people adding value to your stakeholders.

Our team of professionals have assisted many clients achieving their goals and are experienced in working on different levels within a corporation; from working day-to-day together with your team on the "shop-floor" to reporting & advising your C-suite. 

Supply Chain Management

Although one of the most essential variables that directly impacts the bottom-line of any business, supply chain has been traditionally neglected by most companies, within all industries, despite the fast-paced developments and disruptions across the field. 

PYM Consultancy has vast experience within supply chain, ranging from:

  • Procurement management & vendor management (incl. expediting & logistics)  

  • Contracting & (sub)contract management (incl. joint ventures)

  • Market research and benchmarking of prices & lead times

  • Establishing supply chain strategies

  • Preparing tendering procedures & documentation (incl. tailor made RFQs, POs and terms & conditions)

  • Negotiations of both commercial aspects, as well as legal aspects, with exemplary results and references

  • Finding the best match and creating alignment between parties 

  • Developing and/or establishing a professional Supply Chain team on projects and further development of supply chain department of various companies.

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Who We Are

PYM Consultancy was founded in The Netherlands by a group of professional, with divers backgrounds, with a single mission: to not only provide our clients with advice on how they can be successful, but to be there every step of the way to ensure that they succeed in achieving their goals. This is what differentiates PYM Consultancy from other firms: we continue where others stop!


We approach each of our clients with fresh eyes to develop customized, unique strategies. Due to our diverse professional and cultural backgrounds, supplemented with our work experience across the globe, we have the advantage of being able to easily adjust to the (company) culture of our clients and effectively collaborate with the people regardless of their organizational positions. 


Though our clients have grown since our founding, we are still the same agency at heart. Let us help make your goals a reality. Are you ready to set business on the path to success? Contact us today and see what we can do for you.

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